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Reduce Your Home Energy Costs –
You Have A Choice!

In the past, local utility companies were responsible for supplying and delivering natural gas and/or electricity to customers. This meant that you could buy your natural gas and/or electricity only from your local utility company at the price authorized by the state's Public Service Commission (PSC). There were no choices.

Today, natural gas and electricity are deregulated in Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania and Delaware, which means you can now choose to purchase your gas and/or electricity supply from any energy supplier that is licensed by the Public Service Commission (PSC) and registered with your local provider.

By having access to competitive energy suppliers, we can help you acquire great prices on gas and electricity supply. Your current provider still distributes the power to your home, still maintains the lines, and is there for you in case of an outage. All that changes is from where your provider gets their supply, which means you save money!

You still receive the same bill; it will designate a new supplier in the supply section showing the new, lower supply rate and, if you have budget billing, it will not be affected. You can lock in this rate for one year.

Why Join The Residential Energy Co-op?

  1. Individuals benefit from the group buying power of the co-op, resulting in lower rates
  2. Deregulation has sparked healthy competition – as the energy market changes in the future, the co-op will negotiate lower rates on your behalf
  3. CQI Associates has 15 years of industry experience and professionally manages the Residential Energy Co-op program
  4. Lock in natural gas and electricity at the same time! Electricity lock-ins and natural gas lock-ins are available
  5. Take advantage of the option to obtain up to 100% clean, renewable, wind powered electricity

Next Steps:

Follow these 4 simple steps to join thousands of others in your area that in receiving the most competitive gas and electric pricing:

  1. Grab your utility bill for account information.
    (Tip: Call your provider if you don't have your bill.)
    • BGE: 410-685-0123
    • Alleghany: 1-800-255-3443
    • Delmarva: 1-800-375-7117
    • Pepco: 202-833-7500
  2. Click "Start Saving Now" button to start enrollment.
  3. Follow simple enrollment submission process online.
  4. Receive immediate email confirmation and written enrollment acceptance from both your current provider and your new supplier within 3-5 days.

Read the Residential Co-op Frequently Asked Questions for more information. There is no fee to sign up and you won't experience any interruption in service or billing. Start saving now.


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