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Quicken Direct Connect


Great News for Quicken® Personal Finance Software Users!

Now, NASA FCU offers Quicken® Direct Connect, allowing you to download your NASA FCU account information directly into Quicken® with just your eBranch online banking login credentials. It’s the easiest and quickest way to organize your personal and household finances without manually entering transaction information. Harness the power of Quicken® Direct Connect today to help manage your finances your way.

  • Save time and money with no manual data entry
  • Forecast your cash flow
  • Get instant insights into your spending
  • Be sure charges, payments and deposits are accurate and only entered once
  • Pay your bills on time
  • Create and follow a budget
  • Create a plan to reduce your debt
  • Save more money

Discover how to enable your NASA FCU accounts within Quicken® to benefit from the ease and convenience of Quicken® Direct Connect today.

If you already use Quicken to upload your NASA Federal Credit Union account information from an eBranch download, you will need to modify your settings to take advantage of NASA FCU Quicken Direct Connect and ensure the smooth transition of your data. Choose the appropriate conversion guide for your version of Quicken and your operating system:

If you do not already use Quicken to upload your NASA FCU account information, choose the appropriate Getting Started guide below:


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