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Mobile Remote Deposit

How do I enroll in Remote Deposit?

Members who are prequalified for the Remote Deposit Service will have the Remote Deposit option displayed within eServices under Services located on the top menu in eBranch and will be able to use the remote deposit tile in the mobile banking app after accepting the remote deposit agreement. Members without the Remote Deposit option in eBranch or their mobile app may complete an enrollment application at, or may contact us at 1-888-NASA-FCU (627-2328). Eligibility for Remote Deposit is subject to Credit Union approval.

What fees are charged to use Remote Deposit services?

Personal account holders will enjoy free access to the Remote Deposit Service, while Business account holders will incur a per-check deposit  fee. Please review our Business Account Fees for more information.

How should I endorse checks that I submit through Remote Deposit?

The following must be included on the back of the check:

  • Your name (i.e., signature)
  • Date of deposit (mm/dd/yy). and
  • The words “NASA FCU for deposit via Remote Deposit only”

PLEASE NOTE: If the back of the check is not properly endorsed, NASA Federal reserves the right to reject the check for deposit. Please review the Remote Deposit Agreement for more details.

How many checks can I deposit using the Mobile Remote Deposit App?

You can deposit as many checks as you'd like up to your personalized deposit limit. However, you can only deposit one check at a time.

What should I do with the check once it has been scanned?

Please store your check(s) in a safe place for 45 days from the date of your deposit. In the event of a deposit dispute, NASA Federal Credit Union may require presentation of the original check to settle the dispute. After 45 days, you may securely destroy the check.