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Direct Deposit is the safe, easy, convenient and fast way to deposit your paycheck or other recurring checks.  Direct Deposit has many benefits and, with EarlyAccess Payroll, you will get your money up to one day earlier.

  • Safe: No need to worry about checks getting lost or stolen.  Plus, you don't have to be in town for your money to be securely deposited into your account.
  • Easy: Just enroll in Direct Deposit and you can allocate funds to your Checking and/or Savings Accounts!
  • Convenient: Avoid trips to the Credit Union to make your deposit or cash your check.  Plus, you'll never forget to make a deposit.
  • Fast: No waiting for checks to clear – and get access to all of your direct deposits up to one day earlier with EarlyAccess.

To set up direct deposit, visit your payroll office and give them our ABA routing number 2550-7783-3 and your 14 digit EPN (account number) where you'd like your funds deposited to (Savings or Checking). If you need a Direct deposit form please contact 1-888-627-2328 or visit your local branch.


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