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Schedule of Fees


Online Bill Pay 
    Premier eCheckingNo Charge
    Premier Preferred Checking No Charge
    Premier Checking  
        Platinum RewardsNo Charge when minimum balance is met*
        Gold Rewards
First 3 month No Charge. $3.00/month thereafter
        Silver/Bronze Rewards
First 3 month No Charge. $6.00/month thereafter

*Some conditions apply. Visit Membership Rewards and Checking Terms & Conditions for account details.

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ATM and Debit Card Services Table of Fees
NASA Federal Cards at ATMs* 
    Transactions at CO-OP ATMs/KiosksNo Charge
    Transactions at Non-NASA Federal ATMs 
        Platinum RewardsNo Charge*
        Gold/Silver Rewards6 No Charge/month, $1.00 each thereafter**
        Bronze Rewards3 No Charge/month, $1.00 each thereafter**
Replacement Card 
    Platinum RewardsNo Charge
    Gold/Silver/Bronze Rewards
    Rush Card - 2 day priority (by 10:30 a.m.)$36.00
    Rush Card - 2 day standard (anytime)
Foreign Transaction Fee 1% of transaction amount

*Excludes NASA Federal Credit Cards.

**Non-NASA Federal ATM locations may surcharge.

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Bill Pay Services Table of Fees
Charitable Donations$1.99
Gift Pay$2.99
Online Bill Pay Check Copy$10.00

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Checking Accounts Table of Fees
Premier Checking$7.00/month*
Premier eChecking$8.00/month*
Premier Preferred Checking$9.00/month*
Premier Advantage Money Market Account (PAMMA)$10.00/month**

*The monthly fee may be eliminated because of the accountholder’s Membership Rewards level or the accountholder’s use of additional Credit Union services. Visit Membership Rewards and Checking Terms & Conditions for account details.

**A $10 fee is assessed at the end of the month if the average daily balance for that month is below $10,000.

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View a full list of fees for checking services
Copy of Check$2.00/item, No Charge in Online Banking
Courtesy Pay (Paid NSF) Check/ACH/Bill Pay Payment$32.00/item1
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Check/ACH/ATM Card/Bill Pay Payment$32.00/item
Account Guardian (Paid NSF) - VISA Debit Card Only$32.00/item2
Overdraft Line of Credit (CashLine)No Charge3
Overdraft Transfers from SharesNo Charge4
Premier Checks 
    Platinum Rewards1 Box per year No Charge
    Gold Rewards50% off 1 box per year
    Silver/Bronze RewardsPrice varies
    Other Check StylesPrice varies by style
Starter Checks (8 checks)$6.00
Stop Payment (Check/ACH/Bill Pay Payment/Money Order) 
    Platinum RewardsNo Charge
    Gold/Silver/Bronze Rewards$20.00/item
    More than 2 within 3 months$32.00/item

1Negative balance cannot exceed $500 including fees. Fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, or other electronic means. The Credit Union is not obligated to pay any order presented against your account if the available balance in the account is insufficient or uncollected. Overdrafts must be repaid within 30 days of occurrence.

2Requires Courtesy Pay in order to opt-in to Account Guardian. Fee applies to overdrafts created by VISA debit card transactions.

3Application and approval required. Loan terms apply.

4The Credit Union limits the number of preauthorized or automatic withdrawals or transfers on your deposit accounts to 6 per month.

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View a full list of fees for credit card services
Annual FeeRefer to Card Agreement
Foreign Transaction FeeNone
Replacement Card 
    Platinum RewardsNo Charge
    Gold/Silver/Bronze Rewards$5.00
    Rush Card - 2 day priority (by 10:30 a.m.)$36.00
    Rush Card - 2 day standard (anytime)$30.00
Stop Payment of Balance Transfer Check$20.00
 Return Payment$32.00 
 Cash Advance Fee 3%

*Limit of one Skip-A-Payment per loan per 6-month period.

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Credit Union Services Table of Fees
Account Reconciliation Assistance$25.00/hour
Cashier's Check 
    Platinum/Gold RewardsNo Charge
    Silver/Bronze Rewards$6.00 each
Document Copy$2.00/item
Inactive Account*$5.00/month
IRA and HSA Closing$35.00
Legal Counsel Review (actual cost)$25.00 minimum
Levy/Garnishment Attachments$75.00
Missing/Bad Address$5.00/quarter
Money Order
Notary Service 
    Platinum/Gold RewardsNo Charge
    Silver/Bronze Rewards$1.00
Statement Reprint$3.00/month (No Charge online with eStatements)
Tag/Title Processing$27.00
UPS Delivery (Mon. - Fri.)Varies
Verification of Deposit 
    Platinum Rewards
No Charge
    Gold/Silver/Bronze Rewards
Verification of Mortgage 
    Platinum Rewards
No Charge
    Gold/Silver/Bronze Rewards$10.00
Wire Transfer: IncomingNo Charge
Wire Transfer: Outgoing (Domestic)$15.00
Wire Transfer: Outgoing (Foreign)$60.00

*Members aged 21 or older with Savings only or Savings/Checking only with combined balance of $200.00 or less and no deposits or withdrawals for 12 consecutive months.

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Loan Services Table of Fees
Automated Valuation Model (AVM)Varies by property type and/or location
Certificate of SatisfactionVaries by county
Late Loan PaymentBy state and/or loan type
Returned Loan PaymentBy state and/or loan type

*Limit one Skip-A-Payment per loan per 6-month period; excludes mortgage, home equity, business and Certificate secured loans and lines of credit.

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View a full list of fees for safe deposit box services
3" x 5"$30.00/year
5" x 5"$40.00/year
3" x 10"$50.00/year
5" x 10"$75.00/year
10" x 10"$145.00/year

Safe Deposit Boxes are only available at the Greenbelt, Columbia and Collington Center branch offices only.

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Confidential information such as account numbers and social security numbers should not be sent by email for security reasons. Instead, please contact us directly at 1-888-NASA-FCU, send us a secure message through Online Banking or Mobile Banking, or visit your nearest branch.

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